Excel add-in connected to Binance

Display and keep up to date your positions, wallets, transactions directly on Excel. View the evolution of your crypto over time.
3 peoples creating together a graph from differents pieces, representing banks, budget and crypto
Transform your Excel in trading tool

Follow the trend of your cryptos

Display all your coins in a userfriendly dashboard, directly call Binance endpoints to display the data you need. Create your crypto trading orders from Excel.
Get data and create trading crypto order from Excel
Men looking at the budget he created

Download the excel addin

Download the Linkyflow Excel addin from the Microsoft App-source here or directly in Excel from the "Get addins" link (see help)

Women standing on crypto transactions Bitcoin, Ethereum, Xrp

Connect your Binance account

Connect your account with api and secret key and view your cryptocurrency positions, wallets, transactions.

Add a dashboard with a easy-to-see graph to follow the evolution of your cryptos, and display your specific data thanks to direct Binance API calls.

Multiple documents going into a computer for a consolidated view

Do everything from Excel

We know Excel is the prefered tool for all Finance operations. Use our dedicated Excel plugin to create budgets, get your transactions and compare the 2 views directly from Excel

Buy/Sell crypto from Excel

Interested ? Download the excel addin right now

Download the Excel addin right now from your excel (how to install ?) or from the Microsoft App-source here

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