Page Symbol to track & post orders on Binance from Excel

Introduction: This Page integrates with Binance, providing real-time market data and trading functionality directly within Excel. Users can access various reports and execute trades effortlessly.


Page symbol ADAEUR

Key Value Points:

  • Connects Excel to Binance.
  • Provides real-time market data.
  • Facilitates trading actions within Excel.
  • Offers customizable reports and inputs.
  • Simplifies trading analysis and execution.

Binance Reports:

  • Stock OHLC Data (getUiklines): Fetches OHLC (Open, High, Low, Close) data from Binance for analysis.
  • Market Depth (getDepth): Displays depth of market information, aiding in understanding market liquidity.
  • Ticker Statistics (getTicker24h): Provides 24-hour ticker statistics for selected symbols.
  • Recent Trades (getTrades): Shows recent trades executed on Binance.
  • Account Balances (myBalances): Retrieves personal account balances from Binance.
  • Average Price (getAvgPrice): Fetches the average price of a symbol over time.
  • Historical Trades (getTrades): Retrieves historical trade data from Binance.

User reports:

  • Open Orders (myOpenOrders): Displays personal open orders on Binance.
  • Trade History (myTrades): Shows personal trade history, including executed trades.
  • Account Balances (myBalances): Displays personal account balances on Binance.


  • Allows users to input data such as buy/sell price and quantity directly into Excel.


  • Facilitates buy and sell actions directly from Excel, based on user-inputted parameters.