Buy/sell multiple symbols

Introduction: This page provides a unified dashboard to track multiple symbols and execute buy/sell orders directly from Excel. It integrates seamlessly with Binance, offering real-time data and trading functionalities.


Page multi symbols ADA, BTC, ETH, LUNA, MEME

Key Features:

  • Connects Excel to Binance.
  • Provides real-time market data.
  • Facilitates trading actions within Excel.
  • Offers customizable reports and inputs.
  • Simplifies trading analysis and execution.

Binance Reports:

  • Real-time Ticker Data (getTicker24h): Fetches 24-hour ticker statistics for multiple symbols.
  • Buy Orders ( Facilitates placing buy orders for selected symbols.
  • Sell Orders (LF.action.sell): Facilitates placing sell orders for selected symbols.
  • Account Balances (myBalances): Displays positive balances from the user's Binance account.


  • Symbol List: Auto-fills symbol data for quick analysis and trading.
  • Buy/Sell Price and Quantity: Customizable inputs for trade execution.


  • Exchange Info: Displays the exchange alias for clarity.
  • Real-time Data Fetching: Automatically updates ticker data for selected symbols.
  • Order Execution: Facilitates placing buy and sell orders based on user inputs.
  • Balance Overview: Provides a quick view of the user's positive balances.


  • Ensure the correct exchange alias is set for accurate data fetching.
  • Use the auto-fill feature to quickly update and manage multiple symbols.